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Hybrid GeoTools make custom and standard software to extend the functionality of popular geographic tools such as Google Earth. 3D Route Builder gives accurate building and editing of routes in location, elevation and time. Active GPX Route Player is the tool for playing back GPS recordings in real-time. If you have any questions about our software or something does not go as you would expect then please contact us.

Active GPX
3D Route Builder
Active GPX Business

Active GPX Route Player for Google Earth. The “Media Player” of GPS playback. Simple to use yet endlessly customizable, up to 50 routes can be played back at the same time. Adjust time, speed scale, viewing behavior, track and icon appearance and watch progress against an altitude profile. Every turn, change of speed and stop is faithfully recreated. Version 1.2 adds Garmin TCX support for cadence, heart rate and power.


3D Route Builder is a GPS Editor for Google Earth. It offers fine grain control of routes directly in Google Earth not only in terms of positioning and altitude but also in time. Easily shift and scale time, correct barometric drift, synch to video files and build accurate GPS (GPX), KML/KMZ and Garmin TCX course files (not history) from scratch or from existing files. Extract altitudes from Google Earth. Playback routes in real-time and optionally with absolute altitude - that means tunnels, bridges, cable car rides and flights take on new levels of realism. Now supports routes on planet Mars!


Active GPX Route Player Business for Google Earth. Optimise your logistics. If you want to study routes in greater depth and produce detailed reports then the Business version of Active GPX Route Player is your option. Check where your personnel are being delayed or what route sections are taking too long. Produce reports with embedded Google Maps and street address look-up for up to 50 routes with a single click. A demonstration of the output report of the new analysis function is available here. The source GPS files for this report are here.




30 Mar 2015:  3D Route Builder version 1.4 can be downloaded now. This includes the ability to insert points at a fixed interval. You can set the interval in the Options then select two points and click Insert Points at Fixed Interval.

30 Mar 2015:  If you've found our software useful then please consider supporting Harmony Through Education. This small charity runs a school for handicapped children in India.

22 Mar 2015:  3D Route Builder is still alive and version 1.4 is imminent! Windows 8.1 and new versions of Google Earth have actually resulted in 3D Route Builder running better, smoother and faster than it has in many years.

22 April 2013:  Google Maps no longer exports KML in the simple way it used to. This results in users attempting to load an html document into 3D Route Builder instead of kml, which spells general bad news. The new way of doing it is rather involved and most instructions are as clear as mud. The best I saw was on stack exchange. In further news, we're hoping to get a new version of 3DRB out soon. With any luck it will fix some of the annoyances seen with new versions of Google Earth and fix some old favourite errors. Thanks to all who submit error reports. The reason we've not fixed some of them is because we've genuinely been unable to reproduce them! But we've got enough info to locate and hopefully resolve, but it is a bit like flying blind.

09 May 2012:  Active GPX and 3D Route Builder have been updated to handle the latest version of Google Earth. This fixes an issue where the icons did not appear when using Google Earth 6.2. Active GPX Business now also allows jumping between stops on routes. These skip forward and back buttons are enabled after a stoppage report has been generated - this has to be done first to determine where the stops are. NMEA loading is also added for a specific customer but is currently undocumented. You'll need a 3rd party piece of software called BT747 for this - send an email if you are interested.

22 November 2011:  A new version of Active GPX Business will be released shortly. It features the ability to jump forward and backward within a route between stops as well as more detailed stoppage reports and IMEA import support.

19 January 2011:  Google Earth 6 appears to be causing some issue for some users. The symptoms appear to be rather broad and not consistent. Please let us know if any issues you see. One common one is that the tracking in either app can become choppy. This is seen mostly on 64-bit OS. It can be overcome by changing the Viewer options absolute altitude mode. 

15 December 2010:  Active GPX Route Player Business is being extended to allow skipping between stoppage points and to support BT747 command line. BT747 is a very useful tool for data logger devices. Currently these features are being implemented for specific customers only since there are such a wide range of possibilities. Once a general requirement becomes clear we’ll consider including in the off-the-shelf version.

06 July 2010:  Tour de France is upon us again and this means a busy period for 3D Route Builder and Active GPX Route Player. We hope to be able to post some GPS recordings from the riders to play back real time in Google Earth. If you have any questions then please email us via the contact page.

09 December 2009:  3D Route Builder 1.3.7 release is now compatible with the new kml format produced by latest Google Earth. Download here. Please also take a look at the 3D Route Builder quick start tutorials! This is the best way to begin learning how to use this powerful software.

29 November 2009:  Please download 3D Route Builder 1.3.6 which fixes an issue caused by Google Earth 5.1.3533.1731.

28 November 2009:  Latest version of Google Earth 5.1.3533.1731 will cause an error in 3D Route Builder when updating an altitude when the camera is further from the ground than the default range. Workaround is to move closer than the default range (typically 500 metres). We will release a new version of 3D Route Builder by 30 November. Thanks for your understanding!

8 November 2009: Active GPX Route Player 1.2.1 and 3D Route Builder 1.3.5 updates released today. These fix the problems caused by Google Earth 5.1 not setting up correctly.

22 September 2009: There is an error in the latest version of Google Earth which results in 3D Route Builder and Active GPX Route Player not connecting to Google Earth. This is a bug which Google will fix in the next version of Google Earth. A work around is here. There are also issues for downloading from GPS devices. Solution is here.

4 September 2009: Active GPX 1.2 is here with support for Garmin TCX cadence, heart rate and power. Download here.

2 September 2009: Getting started tutorials are available for 3D Route Builder here. Let us know if they are useful or you have specific subject for a new tutorial.

27 August 2009: Active GPX 1.2 will be out very soon. It has support for Garmin TCX cadence, heart rate and power. Check out the video below of a GPS recording made by Garmin-Slipstream rider Bradley Wiggins in the Giro 2009 (using a Garmin Edge 705). It’s on a tough climb, though not the finale and still the power values are quite an eye opener. No heart rate recorded though. Get Bradley’s original tcx file from here.




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